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Looking for hung dudes who need head

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I know its a little late but i dont bung work fridays. If you don't see me as a possibility for me. Claro, por la remuneraciГіn adecuada. I do not have time for people with bad attitudes or small minded or the lack of patience. I am not looking to just jump into your bed.

Age: 35
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: New York, NY
Hair:Dyed black
Relation Type: Visitor Seeks Stranger Tonight

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Top definition.

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Hung unknown. Dude, I'm hung like a horse. To posses male genitals that are larger than average, espcially with regard to length, and especially with regard to the neex.

Often used with "well-" as an adjective, or else as a simileas in " hung like a donkey ".

James is so well-hung his party trick is to tie a knot in it. To have an monstrously huge dick.

Danny is hung like a horseit's 12 inches! To have a penis so long, that when flaccid it appears to be 'hanging' loose from the body, with the tip past the balls. Contrary to definition 8, this is not race-modified, the only criteria lpoking that the penis is long enough to 'hang'. – Amateur black guys with huge cocks on parade

Also not precisely the same has having a nfed penis, as it is possible to be 'hung' yet have a narrow penis. This is seen most often in African-American males.

Tyrone was hung but pencil-dicked, Tonya found out much to her suprise. Brad was so hung he had to tuck his dick under when he wore shorts.

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Hung sex. The state of a male having a well-endowed penis, above the majority of men.

Looking for hung dudes who need head I Am Ready Sex Chat

Hung implies that a guy is at least 7. Andre is hung.

Hung men feature in porn videos. A guy can haved a tonedslim body and be hung.

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Is an Evil boss who likes to bully his staff to getting more work the minute they open their mouths to ask about something or to mention an idea. Staff 1: I have a question about this topic Great question!

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You can do this work. Uh, I don't think I can Of course you can! No doubt about ityou've just signed up for more work!

Staff 2: Hungs unknown. A term originating in University Park at Pennstate It is a shortened version of the word, "hungry," but used in context, it describes being hungry for either the female or male genitalia.

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It is often used towards those who haven't gotten "any" in a while or are addicted to getting some all the time. AJ hasn't seen his girlfriend in forever, he must be really hungs.

Maria is with a new guy every night, she is so hungs. After being caught licking a taco whilst envisioning a woman and displaying clear affection for the mexican cuisine Alex: Umm hey Ronaldyou hungs?

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