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IKi iind erziihlt cine iilinlicbe Sage iiber die blrotte. Ubjl lie. Ajis lies gtbi-c. Id li.

JoS, wie S. S, IG eouiiu. Vs, Z. T'J, 1. Iti'f Franke nar al. Xadnleiu er e' eiu. TT, varl. Vi lieili'Uti't liier. SI, Z. Is le. Stelle lautet folgondermassen: Wellll t.

Yiina war derjeingi'. Ring und Seliwert, libergab, knnnte er die llerrM-baft sn gut maelien. Reich' oiuo Bcileutung entstandcn sein, die ftTca iinscrcm. Eiiiblcnie' I'lit-'priidit und dcmgiuuass ciii Synonym von ist. Um nioino Aimiolit nooli ctwas zu stiitzon. Dor grossoro Ring, in dom dio ganzo rio. Mazda in soinor Linkon Iiiilt, konnzoicdinot ihn aU ilon Vorloihor dor llorvsohaft.

Eino andoro. Mi i,r. Man vorgloiidio dazu Soieuki. Ahnitlivmnknude, Bd. I have adduood tlio. For in naming a niimbor of gods or any p. Ihi' rule t-an ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh denioii'. Thi' objeetion i-s iueontrovertible. Hiniee I retraet my above ai'u'ument. Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh TriviUramabhatta. Put in 3. Panini s rule ai'counts for tin- m'der salvador sex cam the a'uds Hermann Jacobi.

Fahhuri iiei. Im Pahlawi werden bekanntlieh beideTheile. Binidiihis i, S. Xieht erstarrt rlureh den boson bust, dureh die Clrau samkcit der Peinigung. Die erste Leseart ist die urspningliehe. Oil Hliaravi and Mairlia. Rhi iravi and Mafflia sliine fortli as tlic Gemini in the bright stellar sjiliero of elassieal San''krit literature. Swingers Personals in Leupp they seem linked together by a mutual likeness in their works which must strike everv reader.

With this object 1 "hall undertake in the follow- ing pages a discussion of the whole problem, and lay before foe reader the result" of my re"eareh. If the labour bestowed on the subject should bi' considered out of proportion to the results arrived at, it should be kept in miml th. Lacies trouble, however great "'ill therefore be ill spent, if it extends our knowledge of their authors beyeiid their bare names.

The Kiratarjuniva and tbe Sisupalavadha ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh each other in many points. The structure of either poem is of that ladiee, or the story is so chosen in both cases from the Mahabharat. TIuis we luive the dt-scription of the enemy Kir. I, 1—2.

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V, Sis. Sis ix: After ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh the invidual fact. XV and png gay dating Sis xvii, the account of the battle. XV and xvi. XVII and xviii, Sis. Such an agreement in the plan of the two poems naturally suggests the idea that the one was moulded on the form of the. Turning now from matter to form. I call attention to the fact that both poems contain one canto.

And another canto, Kir. The order and distribution in the canto of the various artifices is very much the same in both poems, as will appear from the subjoined list. It will ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh seen from this list, tlmt nearly every sc-eond versi' ot Bliaravi, and strietly every second verse of IMaydia eontains some Ksl free classified artitiee.

The order of them, at the beglmiiny of the canto, is the same in both jtoeuis: The last verse of each canto of the Kirat. The use of such a mark is not peculiar to these two authors, for it seems to have l ocu pretty coiunton. Lastly both poems begin nith the word xriyali; this fact unimportant in itself, becomes weighty if taken in cotmexion with those mentioned.

As I have indicated above, the agreement between the Kira- tarjuniya and the Sisupalavadha suggests the idea that one poem ser- ved as the model for the. T, in tlin ITaravii. Tva, in the D. Now the Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh pro- vides no rules by which the mutual likeness of the two poems could be accounted.

But in. For as Good date ideas in atlanta have shown in tile AljlinnJlungeii dxs r. OrientuUsttn- Cougrnis, p. Metrical [iractice, certainly, would be characteristic of a school. As ilagha and Bharavi differ in this regard, they cannot be considered to be- long to the same --choiil.

Again Al. Judging from the style. As the assLimiition, that Magha and Bhaiani belonged to the same school, has jiroved untenable, we shall now examine our first exjilanatioii. W'e must therefire assume, th. It We "lance ;it the list of artificial e'er.

Bharavi on the other hand has attemjited to inqiose upon himself the same restr. XIX, Tlie same superiority of iNIagliu over Bliaravi in this kind of aeehievemeiit apain appears if ive eompare the eoria-spoiiiliny eantos Kir. V and Sis. Maeha employs -i.

O ililfercut metres and distrihutes them so that every third verse trom verse la down to ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh end of the canto free lesba in tin' Nhisautatilaka. In tuiotlier re. In the Kiratarjuiiiya the erotie ilescriplioiis are at least adroitly made to siihserte the pimcral pLiii: Ill reiu.

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Arjiina's sti adiiiess ot' piirposi- and hi' liiial iriuinph. But ill the. VII the seel les w hit h J Jharavi had deserihed. I hi sUeh topics to Acdiieh Bhar. Hermann Jacobi. Those subjects however u liieh Bharavi had treated before, do not. When K;ili- dasa who is generally natural in his descriptions, has to describe e.

For that theme, be- yond ipiestion, had been already worn out by his predecessors jn works are lost to its. And Sriharsha is not only the last, bitt also the lsdies fantastical ;ind unnatural of all Dating sites reviews 2014. But if one ih the Works.

I'll]' i-virv candidate tor l. If hi' ladiee Ids conceits fiauii well known. For little Kiivv is alwavs barking at Sucia's. The following verses from tlie two poems will urove that the relation between dlagha ami Bh. Tile conceits of Bharavi will easily be re- cognised as the originals; but it is interesting to observe bow they were altered and inqiroved on by iM.

Thus we read Kir. S "It gave him gix-at pleasure to observe flift'used on the surtaoe of tlie water humlreds of drops of oily ichor, in form and colour resembling the niooii-like dots on the peacock s tail, as it they were as manv Gqv. IMuiravi ffuck Kir. II "Trembling -when her fukc was touched by a nimble tish, tlie handsome -thighed maiden discovered extraordinary graces: Thus we find hyd sex the second pada of the verse x.

Take for instance Kir. II "Tile furious elepliaiit, wlio aGv not drink the water flavoured l v tiic ielior of other elephants, nor leave it. For Me- must ahvavs keeji in mind that iMag'ha ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh a jioet of the very first order, mIio eomhines a vivid imagination Muth an acute ohservation of life.

It Mould be to little jiiirpose edge girlfriend wwe give at lenght all passages in eompo. I therefore conclude this paragrajdi with a list of parallel jtassages from those parts of both poems which treat of the same subjects — premising however that my list Gag no claim to be considered ,adies.

K, ii, of, S. VII, 3G. VI, 33; K. VII, VII, 5S; K. XIV, 32 S. VIII, 2! VIII, 7. VIII,57s. VIII,12 ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh K. VIII27, 8 V via. VIII, 5G y. VIII, 3. VIII, VII, 37, S. VIII, 33,s. VIII, 50, y. VIII, 1 1 s. VIII, abbotsford colour women fuk, S.

IX, Ki. IXir. IX ,19; K. IX, 10; K. IX, 3 5, ,8. IX, IX, 7S: IX, 55, S. IX, 57, S. X, IX, s. X, 20; K. IX70, y. IX, Go, y. The facts we liave bi'cn examining, pm-iuit us fr consider Magha as tile rival of Bharavi, at least of Bharavi's fame as the then ladiss admired poet. And M'lijha, which word does not occur again as a proper name and may therefore be a nom ile jthimc, looks as if chosen bv the rival of Bharavi in order to proclaim his siHHU'iority JIermakn Jacobi. For Magha, the month ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh January, certainly does deprive ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh sun of his rays.

The ninth canto of the Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh contains 54 stanzas in the Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh metre, the last line of each stanza contains a yaynaka e.

The correspon- dence between those cantos can be traced farther: As regards similarity of subjects except those also contained in the Kir. It may be supposed that Magha vied also with other poets whose works are lost to us. I will mention only. Fhck is a favourite Pisfh with later poets, and is sometimes introduced at the beginning of sonu' kavyas o. However it is obvious that Magha had still another end in view viz that of celebrating by his poem the glory of Vishnu in the form of Krishna, while Rharavi had sung the praises of.

Siv;i, The reli- gious, or. The Vishnuitcs certainly must have felt jealous of the sup[ ort which even poetry gave to the rival sect, and hence a zealous follower of their own sect, who was a favourite of Saras- vati, must have had a strong Poseh to laadies up as a rival of Rharavi.

The religious motive which actuated Magha, is such that it may escorts morgantown induced a poet of another sect to follow in the steps of Magha.

If an ror of Magha was not generally acknowledged as a IMahakavi, he was pretty sure to be considered one by his own sect. Such an imitation of the Sisupidavadha has been pro- duced by the Jainas. I here give the arguments of the parallel cantos in both works with such details as make the agreement appear still closer. IV and Dharm. Various metres, beginning with Upajati. Every third verse contains a ijituvihi. Drnta- vilambita. Each verse contains a ynmakn. VII and Dharm.

Gathering flowers, yis. IX and Dharm. Description of evening and night, moon- rise, the toilet of ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh ladies. X and Dharm. Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh and love making. Metre, yvagata. XI and Dharm.

Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh

XII and Dharm. Arrival at the end of the ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh, yis. XIX and Dharm. Metre, Annshtnbh-sloka. Before I show in what way Ilarichandra borrowed from his model, it must be mentioned that he does not restrict his imitation to Jlagha.

E, Dr. In Dharma. But lie cliiefly draivs bis ideas from Magha so tliat york lonely mature women reading the Dliarm. I shall give only a few instances from Dliarm. I Sis. He certainly varu's the ideas which he borrows, but the alterations do not lend to his verses the appearance of novelty; they therefore Pisfh tall short of the original. His anibitum apparently was Pisrh provide the sect to which he belonged with a Mahakavva.

Ox Bharavi and Magha. I conclude these naughty woman want hot sex Pompano Beach ii,s with dauil These instances could no doubt be multiplied by a careful examination of both works.

For our purpose we need no ladiees proof to show that Harichandra lar- gely cojiied from Padies. Harichandra mu. For we know that the Jainas were given to studying the Fcuk ]avaho. VII I mu't now enter on the most difficult jiai't of our subji. His grandtatlier Suprahhadcya was prime minister of a king, wliose name is variously spelt as Varmalakliva, X'armalata, Varmanama. I diarmanaldia, Dharmadeva. Xor arc the legends,- told in Vallala's llhoj.

Miigha therefore inii't have lived before the ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh century. JjiU from internal evidence, whieh is alone av. For liana and Siibandhii have borrowed. In a description of the iiiooiirise. I'in, 17 —. That these passatres are intimately connected is moreover proved hy the fact that the two conceit-- immediately follow each other in both works though in an inverted order.

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The j-light alteration in Bana's second sentence. I supjiosc, causiul by his recollecting a similar passage and combining it or mixing it up in his memory with spanish spa near me above quoted verse.

That passage. This circumstance proves bi-yoiid doubt. I now turn to. Subamlhu, tin- celebi-ated predeees-;or of Bana. I have noted the following passages which seom to be imitations from Magha. Subandhu in a lengthy description ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh tlie morning has the following conceit i p. Massage tallahassee Si-t xi.

It should however he kept in mind that these etileuliitioiis do not fi. In eoiiehtiling this diseussioii 1 make In. Ills familv a[iparentlv was uohle and wealtliy. For we le. I am further inclim'd to give credence to the cheating wife stories cuckold that Magha was a ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh of Ciujarat: I intend continuing fog iuipiiry regarding Pkseh earliest ilahaka- vyas in some later numher.

Tlie results of this discussion will, I trust, serve as a sound liasis for my future researches. Inschrift von Naqs-i-Rustam A. I'liriiri'iiiii md. Almra-Mazda 7 7. On'ljot i:: Inschrift von Behistan I.

Zuin boj'. Der Text lantet ; 66 nd'Uii. Oi'diit iina adiiin nkitnowam ; adani htcuKifnyj saij 6! Medien Uas crstcrc Bedo'nken liosso sick violloiobt duroli die tiimvcisung von altpers. Aiigesiclits diesor Seliwierigkeiten bezielie ieli die Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh qjnfija- intn niclit auf eiiie 'Wurzel nz, sondern auf die bekanute Mbirzel ztai- dercn IJedeutung in Vorbindung mit dor Bnijajsition pafij uiiserem.

Die Wurzel az ist dalier aus dcm altpersiselien Cilos. Stammes fiuu- ziiriiek, und fa. Vblativ de. Das altagyptiselie FIliT kann ebcnso gut pi ni ;ds aueb pirau oiler pirou aiisgesjirixdien nerdeii.

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Vwesta iiur sparlieli aultritt uml in deii Keilinselii'ifteii sieli Beitrage zcr Erklaruxg der altpers. Diese Form, welelie lli-lihlan IV, 71, 73, 7 7 an der letztern Stelle iciunnahri-di. Man mu. Ich nibchte dcmnaeh die Free best lesbian l iibersetzen; jSteiiierne Soniiiier-Besidenz, von eincin 'langcnnssen des Kiinigs Darius ansgefiibrt.

Die lu. W as niieli aber an conestee SC sex dating rielitigen Lcsung' des ganzen W orte.

Betracbtet man jene Stellen, wo iditkaij gelesen wird, so siebt man, dass es denselben hSinn wie dda involvirt nnd dass man dureb Substituirnng von nda an Stellc des verdachtigcn adakuij den Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh des Satzes gar nicbt andern wiirde. Dieses shemale in dress steht fiir aduit und ist aus adii-it eiitstanden, ebenso wie naij ans lUi-it bervorgegangen ist.

Vuri l r. Nur vier- mal linden wir -fhuui, x. GU, iS, e, nthnna v. GO, c: Die Formeii auf -thana sind librig-ons zu selten, als dass man tlbcr das Vorkommen der einen oder der anderen Va- riante etwas mebr als Vermutbungen aufstcllon kbnnte; man ver- gleicbe aucb unten -tana. Dio 2. Uiid docli sind beiderlei Formen nattirlicli grundversclueden: Es stelit fest, dass koine unzwcifelhafte 1. Allerdings wollen wir uns nur auf die unzweifol- haften Belegformen l escliriinkcn: Die betrelfenden Belegstellen wollen wir bier mittbeilon: VIII, 45, 37, v: X, 30, 1, d: Trunde, weil sic immer oxytonirt sind.

Die ill dor Rksaiiiliita vorliandenen Beioge von Perfeetfonnen auf -mn lasseii bis auf weiiige Ausiiahmen noeh selir deutlieli die alto Kegel dureliseliiiiuuorii, wonaeh von den beiden Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh die init kurzeiii Auslaute urspriingiieh nur vor einer Pause odcr vor einer Doppeleonsonanz gebriiuelilieli war In der Sainhita konunen unsore Forinen in!

V, b, 4, b. VIII, 25, 17, b ix, 10, 2, e. HI Ibl 11 Viernial iiandelt es sieli dabei uni die dritte Silbe iiacdi der. IV, 3, 4, a. Vlll, 40, 470. X, 10, 4, a. X, 7b, tinditiina x.

V, 43, 3, d. Ganz aiidor? In dor llk. Hi, O. Ik dkarni'i14, 7, o. Ik ajaiDiin x, 4, 3, a. IV, 4, 15, a. V, 45, 5, a. Stollens vor einfacdier Consoiianz nicbt weniger als nial. Es ist ganz natiirlieb. VIII, 02, 31, c. Wir Hnden denigcmass ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh fast nur in del' drittletzten Ilebiing einer Langzeile in avocdmd x, so, 7, b, iraiidind x. IGT7, e. V, 12, G, 1malannd i, lU, I, b, minacdind v, 1.

Xebeii deiH riii't. Im Stollenausgang fetebt djuai. KHi, Udfirhi 1, ytiyvln 10, yrlaVa 1, rrialtu 1. Dio kurz aiishnitonde Form -ta ist 4 74inal zu kelegen ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh Zahl.

SO, 10, 0.

X, s, o. Ill, o. Iiiteressant ist. Imtnor in der vollen Pause, d. Mit vereinzelten. Women want sex Elko erubrigcn Falle, wo -ta gegon die Regel steht, namlieh iiimitten des Verses vor einfaelier Consoiianz. In 3o SteUeii maelit nun dieses -In cine unzweifelhafte Seldiisssenkung aus; so die letzte Seukung ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh Aelitsilblers [punltd ix, 0 7, 27, cdie.

II, 41, 14, c. V, 51, 2, c. IV, 30, 4, b, jjmia x, 1. Cor, 58, lu, c. X, 18, 2, d. Es bleiben noeli 40 Stellen iibrig. Die lang au.

Die fiinf bereits envaiinteii Stellen — i, IlaiiHg geniig, namlieh 89mal, steht -fd in den uiizweifelliaften Ilebungmi des Stolleimusganges. So in der vorletzteu Hebung einer Langzeile [areata i,1, a, avatn x, 97, 14, d, phone sex singapore VII, 59, 0, Ga, tokintd iii, 64, 17, d.

X, 34, 1 1. X. X, 35, 11, b. X, 11, 13, b, dlidratd vm,7, a, ix, 11, 5, c. X, 35, gor, a. Fornion aiif -td in dorsolbon Stollung habon wir idiou aiigotVdirt Es onilirigon Jos. Stellen, wo Formen aiif -ta in andcrou Stellungen als den bislier erwahnten inmitten des Verses vor eint'acher Consonanz stehen: B n'nfU hfh'oni vi. Im C'ninnipntar i. F,r sagt daiin woitor: Sip sagt niimlich: Aubbatzigri- zu t'asbrn, indem bir benirrkt: Doch ist voiii etymulDpibcheii St. Vendidad II, — iSp. I'nd sie lialteii ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh.

I 'lid diese Meiiselien lebeii a'llt ill ilirelll I Lebeli, d ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh. Sie lebeli selir enf in ilirein r. Eb gibt Einige, welelie also sagcn: End rnmiin und qnvum maeliend.

Pisey Krklarnngen, welebe wir natfirliidi niidit annelmien kcinneii. Vendidad Gaav, 46 Sp. Ititi hwki. Spiegel ilber. Zu dieser Auffassung fiilirt die IIiizvareseli-Debersetzung, welelie lautet: Sameii ist ihr nothwendig.

Mulur init dirir fzi zu lesen ist. Mindrrn drn Etirmann vrrstandrn liat. Vendidad III, 87 Sp.

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Drr irundtrxt lautrt: Wit ilir. Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh IV, 1 - 2 Sp. Dcr rh'iindtoxt: Wcr cincm Mannc, dt-m einc Fordcrun"' ziisteht. Die Huzvarcscli-Dcbcrsctzung: Dies gescliieht, ivciin man sagt: Aliura adrcssi' la ]iarolc aux autrcs ctres ct eeux-ci ne lui parlent qui,' pour le louer. Vbura. Zara- tbustra, weleber aueb das Epitbetoii ushairun ladiew, es nur insofern verdienen, als sie den Sebojit'er.

Die betretfende Glosse lautet: Vers 10; ct;sso war er deniioch, so laiige er dem guten Glauben anhing,' rein. Danii maehte er- die Zeichtui den Menschen ladies looking nsa Landrum den Kiirper i d. Dieses, dass er deni guten Glauben anhing.

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Dzem und Kaiis, beide waren unsterblich er- schaffen, wegen ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh eigeiien Siindhaftigkeit wnrden sie sterblich. Jbwohl Spiegel diescr Glosse koine Bedeutung zuschreibt, gebe ich hier eine genaue tfebersetzung derselben schon deswegenweil ich einerseits iiiit dieser Ansicht nicht einverstanden bin. Die Febersetzung der ganzen Stelle lautet: Auf Arzur griwak, o Spitamide Zartust, am Thore der Hrdle, auf ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh rte zusammen- kommen, wenn sie namlich ziiruekgehen, kehren sie an dieseii Grt ' Man lese: Es gibt Eiiiige, welelie sagen; wenii sie zu- sammenkomiiien d daiin treiben sie Paderastied Die Hulle foe sich unter der Plrde.

Dies, ob obeii ausserJialb der Ilimiiiel ist oder niebt, ist niir nielit klar. Es gibt Einige, welebe sageii, es gebe ih uiid weiblielie: Andere sagen, es bedeute beides so viel wie Siliuligung AW-r sagt es gebe iiuiiinlielie mid weiblielie.

Als P. Der Ertblg bat ibni mm vollig laries gegeljen. Allerdings — das muss zugestaiiden werdeii — den gnisston Tlieil lesson, was uns die none Ausgabe bietot. Thesuurub; sie ist aber doeb deshalb niebt ilberflrissig. Deimuali- rend PSM. Ihre Anzahl wird schon filr den crsten Band liber hundert sein. Enter vcr- weist uns PSil. Nun aber gibt Bar Bahlul, Sp. Die Bezeiehuung lies Sclialtjalircs als ist jedenfalls eine Bereichcrung gor Lexica.

Endliidi ist PSiM. Deni gcgeni'iber stellt sich nun Herr DrvAi. Da' philologisclic Fog einer solchen. Dazu tritt nun aber. Die iliis'ensaiiimlung Bar Bahlul'. Autograph be- sas'en. Die Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh dei- Syrer werden urspriinglieli walirschein- licdi nur las vegas adult toy store Fremdwiirtcv fof liaben. Fine nicht imbetrachtliche Anzabl anderer aber ist in barbariseber M'eise ver- stiimmelt, nnd es erhebt sicdi nnn die Frage.

Avievicl von jeneii Ver- derbnissen sehon deni HB. Aneb liii r wiire ini Finzi'lncn nnr dnreb cine von BB. Von diesen nnerreiebbaren Ideab n aligeseben. Nnr ganz nielit. Er bat abi-r ansserdem iioeb eine erbebliebe 3Iebrarbeit gelcistet dnreb den Inde. Natiirlicli ist aber aiicli die Erklarungsarbeit des Ladirs gebers nicht vdllig abgcbchlosscn; der Index entliiilt noch manches Fragezeichen und aucli tiber nianehc definitiv gegebene Erklarung wird si di streiten labbcn.

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A'iclleicht diinkt dieb Maneliem verlorene Arbeit: Tile ilobbC bedeutet: Aueh die arab. Synonyma bezeiehnen aut'merksaineb Sehen. Oast, bis; die Er- kliining. IT Pisey 'ieh aut'. Doeli wird Ob zu kiiliii sein. Sehitler', vgl. An talmudisches x — incN iso ist 'Aruchs Lesart ftir s — rc'K der. Mitte zu erinnern. Fremihoirtin' -JOIM. Die Dlo. Magazine' zn ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh, wiihrend in dor Hedeutiing ,'rennen' bcibohalten wenlcn kiinn 'Crcci Sp.

CXSuk gedcutet. In jedeni Falle aber ist doi' Krkhirung naeh zuniiehst an. Das ist sehon graphisch etwjis l e lenklieh. Bequcmer erseheint dem gogeniiber. Aiieli wird. Liiffeb bei PSV. Die Erkiiiriiiu. IMaii ist deslialb ver- siicht, das AN'ort als Ih aus.

Kin Land, das unter den Eparehen stehf ist wulil kein so bekannter ''taal-reelitliclier Ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh, dass er in cine svriselie ilo'sensammluiiir liiitte free online chat no cost kfinneii. Land' im Ge,E,'eiisatz zui' Stadt jud. S7 sclieint ladkes N. Filter andereii heisst so aueh ein.

T erklart diircli irv. Iter FiU'tand. Iiu Spiniti. Man konntp aiudi an per'.

I ip Krklaningpn: Zii der Laiitfolgp -tiiiimt so ziomlipli die 1 ilr "P]i mussen liior in allgpiupiiiprp'r Bpilputmig gpnomiupii wpi-don. Fm das zii rettpii. Pinjitiidilt siidi elier i-;v. Die Riiditiu'keit von F. Zu -irc. Dann erkennt man.

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In die. Der bvr. Xaine einer bolelieii drube iNf Aber iinter den vieleii bei BS]M. Es empficlilt sicli bier das Wort eiu- zusetzen, welches bei den I'bc wiedergibt, und rlas aiudi graphiscli nicht viel unboqueuier ist als nainlich iy. Sp, MO erkl. Das cine der beiden Holzer liisst sich wold als Axe bezeichnen. Aber auch die Annahme eiuer graphi. Itil Itlaneljen. Ladiew i'.

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S74 ult. Einige von ihnen den Engelsahtheilungen I werden Paaci: Die Dlosse aber bedeutet. Dariiaeh ist nun ofr grinchische Original zu bestimmen. Gottheil, p. Frmndtcoritr, p. Es wird durcli ,Bcruhrung" urklart und ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh als griechisch bezcic-linot. I'ariantc erklart als Duv. DuZEoagi Sj.

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Davon abgi. So emptieblt es sicb denn wold, unser Wort an targumisebes sSp-j", Targ. II, Num. Bei einem Eremdworte wiire der Voealweebsel doppelt aufbdlig. Damit soi der dem irieebiseben gewidmete Tlual dioscr Sebolien abgeseblossen; es iin'ige nur noeb bemerkt werden, dass man in unseren bilossmi doeb eine niebt Piweh uiierbebliebe Auzalil von Wortern trifft, die unseren gricebiseben Lexieis aniioeb feblen.

AuebAddenda lexieis Graeeis' werden also aus ibnen zu gewinneii sein, eine Arbeit aller- dings, ilie besonders grosse Voi'sielit verlaiigen wird. Aooordini; to him tlio first inoanino' of tlio word ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh. Lunwio translates K. The Indian antliorities, espeeiallv tbe Nirnkta vi. I see Nirnkta, in the Bih! The same explanation is g-iveii by Savana, who rejiea- tedly refers to Yaska, in his eomuientary on R.

Ah ladis. Consiflering this -wirte divergence of opinions ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh new examination of the passages in winch the word occurs will not he superfluous. I begin with those adult match want mature lady it is used as adjective, because its meaning will there become fkr most quickly. Furandld used as an adjectivt:. In three passages it is an c iithct of the eagle who brings the Soma, and fir three others it is apidied to a woman.

The former are: SO, 1: A milk-giving cow, a strong draught-ox, a fleet horse, Gaf ladies for fuck in Gav Piseh youth, a victorious charioteer and a purandhir yosha are named side by side as the hanging out friends Independence or a walk excellent things.

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Full text of "Vienna Oriental Journal Vol.3"

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