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Hi ladies i need your advice Seeking Sexual Dating

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Hi ladies i need your advice

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The Social Spot Politics and Religion. Vendor Deals Dadstartingover. OR Remember Me? User Tag List Page 1 of 2 1 2. Oldhi ladies i need your advice Hi Ladies, Newbie here hii your advice.

Hi ladies, I am new to this forum and very glad I nefd it. I need your advice in this. My wife I have been married for nine years. In the nine years, I have never given harrisburg craigslist free any grief or reason to to hurt me.

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In the past two month she has done the ladies night thing for the first time five times. I accepted the firts two. However, the nees other three were done with a ten minute notice knowing that it would upset me and her having a reason to walk.

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hour So now Hi ladies i need your advice am waitIng for the next time if it happens to see what I can say to her that will stop her in her tracks. I was thinking of using the word Tolerate.

Please help me, I want to be firm and be ready with the right words. Again thank you for your time.

Hi ladies i need your advice Seeking Sex Tonight

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What all do the "ladies nights" entail? Originally Posted by Aug View Post. Are you against her going? Or, are you just against the 10 minute notice? Originally Posted by moonangel View Post.

Well, if it is a scheduled night out, I probably wouldn't see a problem. Youur the women she is going out with single or married? Are you sure she is going out with women?

Wanting Sex Hi ladies i need your advice

I do hi ladies i need your advice it to be a little strange your young child wdvice noticing something is up. My daughters husband has gone out every Friday night for the whole duration hi ladies i need your advice their relationship,he comes home at 4 am sometimes.

She has been cool with this But if she goes out past midnight periodically he has a adult want real sex Round o SouthCarolina 29474 fit You should take Saturday night for yourself and do your boys night out then see what she feels like about her behavior.

Shelda is offline. Originally Posted by peace View Post. Reason is because it became an whole night thing coming home at 4 am without a call or reason. To make matters worse my daughter had a severe cold new about and left. Pretty sad when seven year old ask for mommy at 2 in the morning.

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All I'm advoce is that if she decides to keep this up I want to put a stop to it in a way where I do not hi ladies i need your advice or say the wrong thing. We have had a great marriage until now and I feal as if I have trouble breathing when Fridays comes.

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Yes what? You're against her going or you're against the 10 minute thing?

Ok ladies i need your ADVICE please | Long Hair Care Forum

And, why do you want to wait until next time to say something? It's so odd that you'd do. If it's on your hi ladies i need your advice, you really should take her aside and bring it up. Also, why do you allow her to go out so often and so late?

If your child got sick and she wanted her thai ladyboys london, you call her mommy ASAP and say, "Bring yo [you-know-what] home. Your child misses you and so do I! I would say something like that without the cuss words of course. Of course, I would never go out with friends like that I love husband and kids too much to chose my friends over. Her hi ladies i need your advice answering her phone is a big red flag.

When my husband first began cheating, he always claimed he was having guys night out or guys weekends. It's funny; he wouldn't answer his phone then. That even led to trouble because he wouldn't answer his phone when the police called him on at least two occasions. Our store burglary alarm went off a few nights, and he wouldn't take the calls. It wasn't adding up. You really need to find out more about your wife's activities.

In addition, you may want to suggest counseling before things get worse. In my hi ladies i need your advice, going out like that all hours of the night - every weekend is wrong when married with children. After getting in at 4am, what kind of functioning parent is she the next day?

A once in a blue moon outing like a stagette - totally understandable - but every weekend? I don't know what you could 'say' to stop her but it's sad you'd even need to.

My hi ladies i need your advice cherished times are home with my family. You're probably not going to want to do this, but you need to tell her that you will NOT sex Nashville Tennessee Nashville Tennessee this behavior.

If she wants to run around like a single and divorced woman, then she's going to be a single and divorced woman. You need to find out WHY she wants to run around like this in the first place, to the point of leaving her sick child. Sure, she probably felt you had things under control Most mothers won't leave their sick child.

You need counseling, seriously. But you need to put a stop to her activities. The first time someone shows you who they are, believe.

Thats how it starts, does she spend alot of time on the internet too?. Originally Posted by major misfit View Post. Sounds like maybe things are back on track. What made her decide to start going out to a ladies night? Was that addressed at all? It might indicate an issue she's having in the marriage that she hasn't revealed to you. Leopards don't change their spots overnight. Hi ladies i need your advice go from not going out to constantly going out to bars with single women and drinking says to me that there are some issues for her in the marriage.

Did you ever ask her why it was important to her and why the change and need to go out in the first place?

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You might have solved the symptom by putting your foot down but are you sure you've solved the problem? MarriedWifeInLove is offline. Quote message in reply? Register Now. In order to be able to post messages on Talk About Marriage, you must first register.

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